Learn SEO Optimization – Better Your Rank

Learn SEO Optimization – Better Your Rank On The Search Engines

When you hear about affiliate marketers making tons of money on the internet you want to know how they did it you want to find out their secret you want to know everything they did to achieve success well marketers use various of methods to achieve success and one very crucial one is SEO marketing if you want to master the search engines you must learn SEO this will give you the upper hand on your competition learn everything you can about SEO so you can rank ahead in the search engines there are many people trying to out rank others in the search engines so you would be smart in finding out ways to compete better on the search engines.

What is SEO Optimization?

SEO or search engine optimization which is the practice of increasing quality free traffic to your website through organic search engine results like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc there are many ways to get traffic to your website but SEO is the best and most important traffic and its free of cost, SEO is about creating content and putting it out there for your visitors if you have a website and you are trying to reach out to people the search engines are your best friend you must acknowledge this, in the search engines results like Google and others it will display many pages that are relevant to that thing that person searched for on that search engine and not only is having good content on your website good but also having a healthy secure site will help your SEO rankings on the search engines.

Unlike PPC or pay per click SEO is free traffic you don’t need to pay to rank on the search engines all you need is good content and healthy website that is nice and secure and remember the search engines love consistency they love websites that consistency post new content, Have your website or blog looking good and simple with good content easy to understand give your viewers what they want to see, SEO is organic traffic it’s very crucial for affiliate marketers or anybody on the internet trying to reach their intended target on the web it is considered the most valuable traffic source by most people, Quality traffic is what you want to drive targeted traffic from your website or blog and the more the people click to your websites the better.

According to statcounter these are the top 5 search engines

  1. Google 92.42%
  2. Bing 2.61%
  3. Yahoo 1.9%
  4. Baidu 1.03%
  5. YANDEX RU 0.53%

Better Your SEO Search Engine Rankings

SEO Optimization is very important for you to learn and apply to your business if you’re promoting something for your business you do the process of creating content and posting it on your website or blog you write keyword filled content with words pertaining to your particular niche, Everyday people are searching for different things on the internet most of them on the Google they search for all kinds of things and it’s your job as an affiliate or publisher to have your content on display, the search engines love publishers who post good informative content if you have a website and it’s in good health and good loading speed it will better your search engines rankings.

Having site health is very valuable for SEO many websites have not ranked well because of their website status there are many different ways you can do to better your search engine rankings few things you need to keep in mind are competition & content, the search engines are very competitive the search engines are looking for the best results they want trusted source they also like content that is well written and informative there are many ways you can get ahead in the search engines just follow what you learn and apply it and you must be relevant.

Keyword Research For SEO

Understanding the basics of keyword research is crucial for you to achieve success in the search engines keyword research is a very powerful tool so use it Keyword research is simple all you need to do is find appropriate keyword search terms that people search for on the internet everyday experts use it to find out which keyword they should use they look for mostly traffic and competition of this particular keyword, the goal is to find the best keywords that pertains to your niche when looking at keywords you look for monthly searches, competition, and value keyword search marketing a very powerful tool this is why you must apply it and when you do you will not regret it.

When you write out content you want to add in keywords that you researched properly if you have a blog or website search engines love when you publish well written and informative content filled with reliable keywords the better your post are the better your rank is on the search engines, many people talk about keyword research like it’s a very difficult thing but in reality its quite simple just find yourself a good keyword planner and start researching keywords that you’re looking for, there are many keyword search planners you can look for, Google Search Planner, Bing Ads Search Planner, And there are also many alternatives you can find on the internet. Using keyword search planner will help you find the precise keywords you need to be successful on the search engines using keyword search planner will give targeted keywords for you to use it’s a very powerful tool if you are affiliate marketer or content creator you want to get ahead in the search engines you will need to learn SEO/Search engine optimization, keyword research it’s all apart of that.

And when picking your keywords you want to choose the ones that pertain to your niche you don’t want pick keywords that have nothing to do what your talking about you want to be consistent and choose targeted keywords, short tail keywords vs long tail keywords what are these? and what are the differences? well for starters short tail keywords are short search terms containing little words which are less specific than long tail keywords which contain more words and are more specific generally speaking short tail keywords have more competition while long tail keywords have less competition, long tail keywords are more rewarding so look into it.

What Search Engines Don’t Like

If you are a content creator and have a website search engines such as Google, Bing, and others will rank you better if your website has good health, website speed is one thing to look at search engines will like you better if your website loading speed is fast the search engines want their viewers to get informative fast content so if you have a website loading speed is important, if you own a website search engines like websites that are nice and secure in this day and age the internet is infested with malware.

Another thing search don’t like is Duplicate content if the search engines feel like your content is basically copied from somewhere else on the internet they might give you a Duplicate content penalty which will hurt your SEO and not better your search engine rankings you might ask what is Duplicate content? well basically Duplicate content is when content appears more than ones on the internet which is very common in fact it is believed over 20% percent of content on the internet is Duplicate content and it’s believed Google and other search engines won’t punish you unless your excessively duplicating other people’s content.

Not creating relevant content the search engines love it when publishers create relevant content if you have a particular niche you must be relevant and publish informative content on your platform whether that be website, blog, articles and if you want to rank high on the search engines publishing frequently will do you good when you publish more frequently it truly helps your search engine rankings, you want to post relevant post that targets specific keywords that will give you the most targeted traffic possible. You can check your website speed for free here


Backlinks are when websites link to each other also known as incoming links many people familiar with SEO marketing use this method to get ahead in the search engines and it’s a very powerful tool I recommend everyone use this backlinks are very common SEO search Optimization strategy and it’s something some don’t understand fully to get more of a depth understanding of this complex subject I will advise anyone who is interested to visit this website here.


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